7 Tips for Reusing Jars

Keys and Candles by Quiet Cricket Studio


So you’ve burned through your candles. Now what? Here are seven of our favorite ways to re-purpose jars.

Cumin Seed by Quiet Cricket Studio

1. Store Bulk Spices

Buying spices in bulk is a great way to reduce waste and save money, and our candle jars make perfect spice containers. Give your spice rack a sleek, minimalist look with these glass jars.

Juniper Resin by Quiet Cricket Studio

2. Collect Tree Resin

Tree resin is an ancient form of incense that is incredibly potent. Juniper, Pinon Pine, and Fir are fantastic, and there are many more you can experiment with in your backyard. The most important thing to remember is to harvest responsibly. Trees frequently have wounds from natural causes (please don’t hack at the tree), and looking for knots is a great place to start. You’ll see small amber drips of sap varying stages of hardness, and when burned they create the most fragrant billows of smoke. We’ll share more about mindful resin harvest and how to use it as incense soon.

Wax Scraps by Quiet Cricket Studio

3. Save Wax Scraps

When candles have burned through their wicks, even the most thorough burn leaves at least a layer of wax on the base of the vessel. I started out making candles by collecting this wax from an assortment I had burned and melting it down into new candles. This is a great way to get the most out of these materials!

Desert Scrub and Skull by Quiet Cricket Studio

4. Mix Masks

Face masks that come as powder are so fun to use, allowing you to mix up however much you need at one time with water, yogurt, honey, or whatever you’re feeling so inspired to use that day! These jars make perfect little mixing bowls for those concoctions.

Tillandsia by Quiet Cricket Studio

5. Put a Plant in it

Air plants (Tillandsia) are adorable little alien looking plants that draw their nutrients from the air, and only need misting once a week or so. Give yours a home in one of our jars!

Lotion Jar by Quiet Cricket Studio

6. TSA-Approved Lotion Container

Our 2oz candle jars come in very handy when you’re flying and want to skip the plastic, single use travel bottles of your favorite, or not so favorite, lotion. Fill these little things from bulk lotion jars, with coconut oil, or whatever body products you need to pass ever-changing security at the airport. They’re nice and compact for camping trips too.

Laundry Soap Measuring Cup by Quiet Cricket Studio

7. Pre-Portion Laundry Soap

Did you know our mini 2oz candles hold a fluid 1/4 cup? That’s the max recommended laundry soap per load. Pretty handy if you’re heading to the laundromat and want to measure out what you need to bring!

Candle Line-Up by Quiet Cricket Studio

Got any tricks up your sleeve?

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