Wood Care Cheat Sheet

Is your beloved wooden cutting board looking a little worse for wear? By following a few simple steps, we can help it live it’s life to the fullest.

With proper care, your new cutting board, hand-turned bowl, or custom furniture can last a lifetime. Furniture maker Rhodes Hinman has many years of crafting and caring for beautiful wood creations, and we’d love to share the simple steps you can take to keep this natural object happy and healthy.

Wood Care Cheat Sheet


Treat your wood like the botanical item it is. As with natural dyes, oils, and spices, keep your precious wood objects from aging and fading in direct sunlight.


Wash your wood cutting boards and salad bowls gently with warm soapy water, but NEVER run them through the dishwasher.


Every 3 months or so, oil your wood object with Walnut Oil or a chemical-free oil/wax combo to keep it aging gracefully.


  • Store in indirect sunlight

  • Wash gently with a mild soap and warm water

  • Towel dry

  • Oil with Walnut Oil or another chemical-free oil/wax combo


  • Store in direct sunlight

  • Wash with detergent and high temperatures

  • Run through the dishwasher

  • Let it sit for 60 years without oiling

Wood Care Cheat Sheet.png