Natural Dyed Fabric

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We are currently out of stock! We cut and sew each bandana before beginning a 2 day botanical dying process. It’s been so much fun exploring these plants and their unique properties, and we hope you’ll continue enjoying the dyes we cook up.

Our take on the classic bandana, we sew these ourselves using muslin fabric and dye them using responsibly sourced plants. Over the course of an afternoon to a couple of days, they transform into the vibrant colors you see here. There is some variation when working with plants, and it’s always fun to play with the colors and depths they create.

Wear them in your hair, use them as napkins, face towels, or all around camping fabrics, or adorn your pup. These will wear-in to be a soft, beloved favorite. We recommend washing them by hand in cold water using a gentle soap to help them live their best life. Want to learn more about natural dyes? Head over to our article here.


approximately 17 x 17 inches


  • Sun — Turmeric

  • Sand — Coffee

  • Sky — Purple Cabbage