Orange Nutmeg

Orange Nutmeg

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Soy Candle with Essential Oils

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—Seasonal Clearance—

Perfect for Valentine’s & Galentine’s Day

This seasonal gem is warm and nutty with the brightness of citrus. The blood orange is great for mood boosts, and nutmeg is known for helping cognitive function. This combo packs a much-needed punch in the winter!

Additional Info:

These candles are made with 100% Midwest soy that burns long and clean. We hand pour each candle in small batches in the desert of far west Texas. The all-natural essential oils used for scent are perfect for aromatherapy, and their compact size is ideal for camping or travel. We’re always playing with new scents, so sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!

  • Available in 2oz or 4oz.

  • Burn time: 12hrs/24 hrs

  • Dimensions: 2" high x 2" diameter/2.75” high x 2.25” diameter

  • Wax weight: 2oz/4oz

  • Candle weight: 4.9oz/8oz

Giving Back

We depend on plants and nature for these products, so it only makes sense to give back. We donate 10% of profits from the Cypress candles towards research and conservation of Louisiana Coastal Wetlands via the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. If you find yourself in Louisiana, check out the gorgeous and disappearing coast, and find out what you can do to get involved.