Pit Kit

Pit Kit


Deodorant + Spritzer

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This kit combines the forces of our natural deodorant and spritzer, to create the perfect plant-based odor fighting duo. Skip the synthetic stuff and see what these two can do.

Sometimes soap just isn’t enough. Created by request, our spritzers step in to fight stubborn bacteria wherever they plague us, and are pretty refreshing and invigorating while they’re at it. Spritzers fight bacteria rather than masking it, leaving no odor once the essential oils have dissipated. You’re free to smell like you. Keep one in your gym bag, in your bathroom, or in your closet. They’re perfect for preemptive or emergency use.

All natural and as strong as you are, our deodorant fights bacteria and leaves your underarms nourished with vitamin rich, creamy ingredients. This is not an antiperspirant. It lets your pores breathe and cleanse themselves, while keeping you smelling like yourself with the help of a few delightful plants.

The 2-step

  1. Spritz: Use the spritzer when you get out of the shower if there’s still some odor on your pits or feet.

  2. Apply deodorant like you normally would.

    All set! If it’s a sweaty kind of day, you can carry the spritzer with you for a refresher. It’s the perfect size for on the go.

Available in 3 formulas:

  • Sensitive: perfect when baking soda (even aluminum free) is an irritant

  • Essential: strong enough for daily wear, just the essentials to keep your pits (and neighbors) happy

  • Active: farmer tested and approved, full strength